• Say Hello to Aloe

    Having recently taken on the role of CEO of both Ultimate Living and Hard Night Good Morning, I am constantly looking for ways to promote inner and outer wellness. One ingredient I have found to be profoundly beneficial for both is aloe vera.   The aloe vera plant has been around for centuries. T... View Post
  • Masque With Me

    In the first quarter of the new year, many of us try to adopt new habits and make changes to our lifestyle. Maybe you’re looking to take care of your health a little more, ask for that raise, or pick up a good habit. Why not also think about doing a cleanse for your skin? I am a full supporter of... View Post
  • Red Algae – Another of Nature’s Miracles

    Skin care is competitive and consumers are savvy. They are becoming more and more educated thanks to the Internet and the wide array of information, good and bad, that it provides. With so many abundant choices today in the skin care world, multiple reviews online, and sites that dedicate themsel... View Post