• Superfood Series: The Science of Spirulina

    Over the last several years, Spirulina has come to the forefront of health food trends, but this microalga has been utilized for many centuries due to its superior nutritional and health benefits. This well-researched blue-green algae grows in naturally mineral-rich alkaline lakes and has been highly regarded for its superfood properties. View Post
  • Benefits of Baobab

    One ingredient in particular from Africa that I swear by, is the extract and oil of the baobab tree. Referred to as the “Tree of Life” in Africa, it is the only known fruit in the entire world that dries naturally on the branch which it grows. View Post
  • NEW Green Miracle

    D'Andra shares her favorite way to enjoy our new Green Miracle in her breakfast smoothie. Gluten-free | Delicious vanilla flavor | More organic ingredients than ever

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