• D'Andra Simmons: LeeAnne Is the Master of Kicking You When You Are Down

    "I have had my own issues in the past, but alcohol wasn’t one of them." Hey, Y'all! This week really lasered in on the drama, am I right?! Sorry, I had to. Last week, we left off with LeeAnne and me getting a bit heated with each other, to say the least. I was even getting tired of listening to... View Post
  • D'Andra Simmons: I Did Not Bring Brandi There to Hurt LeeAnne

    "I don’t think it is fair of LeeAnne to judge Brandi for being inebriated after our 'boozy lunch.'" Hey, Y’all! This week was totally tubular, don’t you think? We had vaginal rejuvenation, people were losing their virginity at prom, and lots and lots of tequila plus rosé all day! Speaking of te... View Post
  • D'Andra Simmons: My Mom Was Right, She Is All I Have and I Am All She Has

    "She is my only living parent and fighting with her was destroying me." This was a jam-packed episode! Everyone was at a turning point in their lives and we were all trying to figure out how to manage everything and maintain our composure. First of all, can we talk about Mama Dee’s confessional... View Post