• D'Andra: LeeAnne's Apology Was BULL

    D'Andra Simmons is not holding back about that rage room confrontation and why she really thinks of LeeAnne telling Cary about her bank account. Hey, y’all! This was an emotional week for a lot of us! Brandi Redmond dealing with her social worker and the scrutiny that comes with adoption; Kamer... View Post
  • D'Andra: LeeAnne May Be a Tad Bit Jealous

    Howdy, y’all! This week I felt I was a cowboy on the back of the Bucking Bronco for a wild ride getting judged for how long I held on… and it was WAY more than 8 seconds! Thanks to Brandi Redmond organizing my 49th Birthday Party, a fun time was had by most aside from the judging that was not a part of the rodeo competition. View Post
  • D'Andra: I Wasn't Being Cruel to LeeAnne, I Was Being a Friend

    "LeeAnne and I have been friends for almost as long as she and Rich have been together, and I just want her to be happy! My getting tough on LeeAnne is me being protective," the Housewife explains.   LeeAnne Locken Raps and D'Andra Simmons Crushes Let's just say these ladies are very t... View Post