• D'Andra: I Did Not Lie to Brandi

    Just because someone tells you that I said something, doesn’t always mean that’s the absolute truth. I don’t know about Y’all, but I might need to take another trip to Beaver Liquors after that episode! It was intense, to say the least. After that sweet reveal with the Redmond family and Baby Bru... View Post
  • D'Andra: I Am Not Verbally Abusive

    "It really upset me that my mom would say I am verbally abusive when she was being emotionally manipulative," says D'Andra about this blow-up with Momma Dee. Plus, find out what she's apologizing for.  It’s only the second week and we already have some BIG drama happening! There are secret ba... View Post
  • D'Andra Simmons "Shocked" By What Mama Dee Said at Her Anniversary

    Get more details on this mother-daughter tension, and read D'Andra's apology to Brandi Redmond for *those* podcast comments. Howdy, Y’all! Or “YAWL” as my niece Addy would say when she is throwing me some shade! I am beyond excited to be back this season, and I know you are excited to see what al... View Post